The Kurdish War against ISIS

After threatening Erbil in August, Islamic State militants have steadily lost territory to the Kurdish Peshmerga. Backed by US airpower and Iranian military support, Kurdish forces have regained control over territory lost to ISIS, control much of Kirkuk, and are battling ISIS militants near Sinjar and Hawija.

In today’s Turkey Wonk podcast, Aaron speaks with Fazel Hawrmy, a Kurdistan based journalist, about the Peshmerga’s multiple offensives, the battle for Sinjar city, and the forthcoming battle for the control of Hawija. In doing so, the discussion touches on the role of Turkey, the new sense of Pan-Kurdish nationalism after the battle for Kobane, and concludes with a plea for more tourists to visit Kurdistan.


About aaronstein1

I am an Istanbul based PhD Candidate a King's College London.
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