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More thoughts on Turkey and Missile Defense Decision-Making

Turkey has pursued missile defense since 1996. Ankara has long feared the dual threat of the proliferation of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. As part of a broader effort to develop a defense against … Continue reading

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Thinking about Turkey’s [NATO] Nuclear Posture

Turkey has hosted American nuclear weapons since 1957. In 1995, American B61 gravity bombs were removed from Akinci and Balikesir air bases and consolidated at Incirlik air base, near Adana. As of now, the United States deploys between 60-70 nuclear … Continue reading

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Turkey Did Have a Choice in Syria

Turkey’s approach to the crisis in Syria is rooted in its previous “pre-Syrian revolt” foreign policy ambitions in the Middle East. Turkey’s overarching goal is to engage in a multi-directional proactive foreign policy, in order to deepen relations with leaders … Continue reading

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NATO Missile Interceptors in Turkey: What is the PAC-3?

Now that the U.S. and Dutch Patriots are on their way to Turkey, I thought it was worth re-posting an article I co-authored with Shashank Joshi – a research fellow at the UK based Royal United Services Institute (follow him … Continue reading

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Finding Syrian Road Mobile Missiles and Patriot Limitations

Despite having an incredible edge technologically, the United States military would likely have tremendous difficulties finding Syrian road mobile scuds. While the United States has invested significant resources in improving its abilities in this area, it is still believed that … Continue reading

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Syrian Chemical Weapons and U.S. Nuclear Targeting

Is Syria a nuclear target? The short answer is yes. The long answer, however, is a bit more complicated. In the April 2010 Nuclear Posture Review the United States declared that it would not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Nuclear Timeline

Turkey has a long history with nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. However, the history is not widely discussed, nor is it widely reported on in the Turkish press. Thus, I thought I would make an easy to follow timeline for … Continue reading

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2025: Turkey’s Looming Nuclear Weapons Deadline

Turkey has hosted American nuclear weapons on its territory since 1961. The weapons are slated for use by both the American and Turkish air force. If the order were given by the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe (SACEUR), American and … Continue reading

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Turkey Wants Missile Defenses and the Accompanying Design Info

I have started blogging on a bi-monthly basis for the excellent Nukes of Hazard Blog (A Project of the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation) This article was originally published here and I am reposting it on Turkey Wonk. Bordered … Continue reading

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Turkey’s (NATO) Patriots

After months of bluster, and repeated threats to intervene in Syria, Turkey may be preparing to try and implement a no-fly-zone. The plan, as it has been reported, is to use Patriot to deter Syrian aircraft from entering airspace on … Continue reading

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