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Turkey is in Trouble: Ankara’s No-Win Syria Strategy

Turkey is in trouble. Absent direct American intervention in Syria – which was never going to take  place – Ankara’s hopes for dealing with spill over in violence from the conflict next door is near hopeless. Moreover, Turkey’s preferred policies … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The EU Arms Embargo and the Syrian Conflict

As the debate about whether to arm the rebels continues, scant attention has been paid to whether or not such a policy is legal under international law. I have asked Jamie Walsh – a Ph.D candidate at University College Cork, where … Continue reading

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Turkey Did Have a Choice in Syria

Turkey’s approach to the crisis in Syria is rooted in its previous “pre-Syrian revolt” foreign policy ambitions in the Middle East. Turkey’s overarching goal is to engage in a multi-directional proactive foreign policy, in order to deepen relations with leaders … Continue reading

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Passive Defense: The Questions Turks Should be Asking about Patriot

Yesterday, I summarized an article I co-authored with Shashank Joshi – a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute- about the Patriot missile system and Turkey’s Syria policy. If you missed yesterday’s post, click here. In general, Shashank and … Continue reading

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The Patriots are here, Now what?

On 15 February, NATO announced that the final of the the six Patriot batteries was operational. According to the press release, “In response to Turkey’s request, NATO Foreign Ministers decided on 4 December 2012 that NATO would ‘augment Turkey’s air … Continue reading

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Border Blast: The Fallout and Predicting Turkey’s Response

Today’s bombing at the Reyhanli border gate could not have come at a worse time for the AK Party. Their Syria policy is unpopular, which had in turn forced Erdogan to switch from a policy of loud interventionist twinged rhetoric, … Continue reading

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Ankara Responds to the Chaos in Syria

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) – a London based think tank – published a piece I wrote about how the Syrian Civil War has exposed Turkey to the growing threat of Kurdish and Islamist empowerment. I have posted the article … Continue reading

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