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Washington and Ankara need to update their speed dial

After a series of meetings in my nation’s capital, I have come away with the impression that Washington is keen on encouraging Turkey’s rise and is eager for Ankara to play a more visible regional role. While most of the … Continue reading

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Russia’s Chances to Win Turkey’s Missile Defense Tender

Turkey, as readers of the blog are well aware, has tried to purchase missile defenses since 1997. Turkey’s initial provider of choice was Israel, but financial issues stemming from Turkey’s 2001 fiscal crisis prevented the sale. Turkey, as I have … Continue reading

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All Mixed Up: What is Assad doing with his Chemical Weapons?

The great team at Nuclear Diner – a must visit blog for all of those interested in WMD issues – and I teamed up for a post on Syria’s chemical weapons program.  This post will also appear on the Nuclear … Continue reading

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Site Security at Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites: An Educated Guess

Syria has never officially acknowledged that it possesses chemical weapons, choosing only to issue veiled statements that point to their existence. For example, Hafez al Assad said in 1990: Israel is still superior technologically; and it is capable of inflicting on … Continue reading

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Finding Syrian Road Mobile Missiles and Patriot Limitations

Despite having an incredible edge technologically, the United States military would likely have tremendous difficulties finding Syrian road mobile scuds. While the United States has invested significant resources in improving its abilities in this area, it is still believed that … Continue reading

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Syrian Chemical Weapons and U.S. Nuclear Targeting

Is Syria a nuclear target? The short answer is yes. The long answer, however, is a bit more complicated. In the April 2010 Nuclear Posture Review the United States declared that it would not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Nuclear Timeline

Turkey has a long history with nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. However, the history is not widely discussed, nor is it widely reported on in the Turkish press. Thus, I thought I would make an easy to follow timeline for … Continue reading

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