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Kurdistan’s Moment?

Do the Kurds benefit from the current chaos in Iraq? Is independence around the corner? What is Turkey’s Kurdistan policy? Today, I speak with Dov Friedman,  a graduate student at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, who is currently … Continue reading

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Soma: Deconstructing the Tragedy in Turkey (Podcast)

Today I speak with Alex Christie Miller about his experiences covering the tragedy in Soma. The conversation begins with a discussion about the quality of the response to the tragedy, before asking what the response says about the state of … Continue reading

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Podcast: Turkey’s Contested Election and Prime Minister Erdogan’s Uncertain Future

Journalist Noah Blaser and I discuss post-election Turkey, the prospects for the Kurdish peace process, and the country’s very uncertain political future.  Follow @nblaser18 on twitter for excellent Turkey analysis.

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The Youtube Ban and Electoral Politics in Turkey’s Provinces (Podcast)

Journalist Noah Blaser and I discuss the youtube ban, the false flag tape, the AKP’s strength in the Black Sea, potential political threats to the AKP, the political consequences of redistricting, and the prospect of increased political empowerment of the Kurdish … Continue reading

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Alcohol and Export Controls: Turkey Moves in Slow Motion

On 10 May 2013 the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) submitted a draft law to Parliament with strengthened provisions against the sale of alcohol in Turkey. After two weeks of debate, the Parliament passed the bill and sent it … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Negotiations with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and Armed Drones

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently re-intiated peace talks with Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). Erdogan’s AKP, like Turgut Ozal’s Motherland Party, has sought to address Turkey’s Kurdish Issue – or the Kurds’ Turkey Problem – … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Reaction to the Israel Strike: Musings and Predictions

Semih Idiz – a Turkish columnist for Hurriyet Daily News and Taraf – wrote for Al-Monitor that Turkey is running out of diplomatic options in Syria. According to Idiz’s excellent article: As the Syrian crisis rolls on with no apparent … Continue reading

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