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Blogging Hiatus: Turkey Wonk is going Dark for a Few Months

Dear all, I wanted to give all of my readers a heads up – Turkey Wonk is going to go “dark” for a few months. I am in the final throes of my dissertation and need to spend all of … Continue reading

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Turkey Wonk Podcast: Emerging Drones States and the Implications for US Security Interests

The wonderful folks at Drone U asked me to do a short podcast about an article I wrote for Foreign The article is titled Drone Decrees: Setting Rules for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and puts forward a policy proposal for US drone … Continue reading

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Iran’s Conversion and Enrichment Program: Setting the Record Straight

On 17 January, Yousaf Butt, a nuclear physicist, the director of the Emerging Technologies Program at the Cultural Intelligence Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting fact-based cultural awareness among individuals, institutions, and governments, wrote a long piece in the the … Continue reading

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What to Make of Turkey’s Thinking about Missile Defense: The Interoperability Issue (Again)

According to a recent Reuters report, “Turkey has accepted assurances a planned NATO missile defense system in which it is playing a part is not designed to protect Israel as well.” The report quotes NATO alliance deputy secretary-general, Alexander Vershbow, … Continue reading

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Ozalism: Vendor Financing and Nuclear Decision-Making

What follows is a small snippet of my dissertation. I have decided to publish this section on the blog after reading the Asahi Shimbun editorial that raised questions about Turkey’s nuclear future (And because I will never get to publish this particular section in … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Very Normal Nuclear Cooperation Agreement with Japan

On 8 January, the editors of Asahi Shimbun wrote an oped claiming that at Ankara’s request, the Japan-Turkey nuclear cooperation agreement “contains a provision that would enable Turkey to eventually enrich uranium and extract plutonium by reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Terrible Week: Ankara’s Serious Problems in the Middle East

Turkey has had a terrible week in the Middle East. As the chaos in Syria continues to reverberate in Lebanon and Iraq, Ankara now finds itself in a very difficult position vis-à-vis the American arming of the Iraqi army and … Continue reading

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