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MIT, Gulen, and the Chinese Missile Defense Deal: Questions about Cyber Security

Burak Bekdil is reporting that some Turkish companies have grown wary about Ankara’s interest in China’s HQ-9 missile defense system. Turkey selected China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC) for the T-LORAMIDs tender in September 2013. CPMIEC is under US sanctions, … Continue reading

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What to Make of Turkey’s Thinking about Missile Defense: The Interoperability Issue (Again)

According to a recent Reuters report, “Turkey has accepted assurances a planned NATO missile defense system in which it is playing a part is not designed to protect Israel as well.” The report quotes NATO alliance deputy secretary-general, Alexander Vershbow, … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Turkey and Missile Defense Decision-Making

Turkey has pursued missile defense since 1996. Ankara has long feared the dual threat of the proliferation of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. As part of a broader effort to develop a defense against … Continue reading

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Musings on Missile Defense and Turkey’s Defense Doctrine

Lale Kemal reports that the Turkish Military “is allegedly very unhappy that it might finally acquire ‘second-hand, not battle-tested and cheap Chinese missiles,’ as opposed to US-made Patriot missile system …. the Turkish military is reportedly also mad at the … Continue reading

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T-LORAMIDS: Putting Turkey’s Missile Defense Tender in Context

While Turkey mismanaged the T-LORAMIDs missile defense tender, the selection of a Chinese firm was not intended to send a signal to the West. The evidence strongly suggests that Ankara chose the system because of its emphasis on coproduction arrangements … Continue reading

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The HQ-9: Dissecting Turkey’s Missile Defense Decision

Burak Bekdil, Turkey’s defense corespondent for Hurriyet Daily News and Jane’s Defence Weekly, reports that Turkey is “is strongly leaning toward adopting a Chinese long-range anti-missile and air defense system.” The HQ-9 missile system is reportedly based on and has … Continue reading

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Passive Defense: The Questions Turks Should be Asking about Patriot

Yesterday, I summarized an article I co-authored with Shashank Joshi – a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute- about the Patriot missile system and Turkey’s Syria policy. If you missed yesterday’s post, click here. In general, Shashank and … Continue reading

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