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Turkey Wonk Podcast: Emerging Drones States and the Implications for US Security Interests

The wonderful folks at Drone U asked me to do a short podcast about an article I wrote for Foreign Affairs.com. The article is titled Drone Decrees: Setting Rules for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and puts forward a policy proposal for US drone … Continue reading

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Turkey, Tactical Nuclear Weapons, and Strategic Thinking

Apologies for my absence, I have been at back-to-back conferences about Syria and now about tactical nuclear weapons.  I presented my thoughts about Turkish nuclear decision-making about tactical nuclear weapons and missile defense. I have posted my presentation below (please … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Negotiations with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and Armed Drones

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently re-intiated peace talks with Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). Erdogan’s AKP, like Turgut Ozal’s Motherland Party, has sought to address Turkey’s Kurdish Issue – or the Kurds’ Turkey Problem – … Continue reading

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Tacit and Explicit Knowledge: Why Most Claims about Syrian Weapons are Overblown

Recent news reports have claimed that Syria has modified surplus Mig-21s to be flown unmanned and to carry and deliver chemical weapons. According to the press report: On 21 June 2012, Syrian pilot Col Hassan Hamada took off in a … Continue reading

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Israeli Tactics, Turkish Dreams – Why Ankara should think again about armed drones

The killing of Hamas military commander, Ahmed al-Jabari, with a pinpoint missile strike yesterday has prompted condemnation from the Turkish foreign ministry and has led  some Turkish protesters to gather and protest outside the Fatih mosque in Istanbul. The international community has … Continue reading

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Turkey and Israel take a tiny step towards a military-to-military rapprochement

Today’s Zaman reported on Monday (11 November) that the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is restructuring itself to wage a more effective military campaign against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). According to the report: [Chief of the General Staff Necdet] Özel … Continue reading

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