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The Coalition Air War in Syria and Iraq

The US led air war over Iraq and Syria began in August 2013, after the Islamic State’s rapid advances in Iraq threatened the Kurdish capital of Erbil. The war has expanded into Syria and the US has been joined by … Continue reading

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Turkey Withdraws from Suleyman Shah: The Implications

What follows is a joint article with Michael Stephens, the Research Fellow for Middle East studies and Head of RUSI Qatar. *********************************************************** Just days after finalizing an agreement to train a new rebel force inside Turkey to attack the Islamic State, … Continue reading

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Missile Confusion: Turkey’s Dance with the Chinese

I am confused. This morning, Anadolu Agency reported that Turkey’s Defense Minster, Ismet Yilmaz, wrote in response to a parliamentary question about Turkey’s missile defense tender that Turkey’s future system will “not be integrated” with NATO’s missile defense system. Here … Continue reading

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After Kobane: Turkey’s New Pan-Kurdish Nationalism

The PYD’s victory in Kobane has had a tremendous impact on Turkey’s Kurdish political movement. The feeling of Pan-Kurdish solidarity with Rojava – three autonomous cantons in neighboring Syria – has complicated the AKP and Abdullah Ocalan led efforts to … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Stunted Democracy

There is a general consensus that Turkey is amid an authoritarian backslide. Is it as bad as generally believed? Are things better than they are made out to be? Is Turkey a one-man state with Erdogan at the head and … Continue reading

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