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Turkey’s Satellite Launch Vehicle: Turkish Opacity Leads to WMD Concerns

In 1453, Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II opted for cunning, rather than brute force, during his conquest of Constantinople. After failing to penetrate Byzantine defenses at the mouth of the Bosporus strait, the powerful Sultan ordered his men to roll his … Continue reading

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Thinking about Turkey’s [NATO] Nuclear Posture

Turkey has hosted American nuclear weapons since 1957. In 1995, American B61 gravity bombs were removed from Akinci and Balikesir air bases and consolidated at Incirlik air base, near Adana. As of now, the United States deploys between 60-70 nuclear … Continue reading

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The HQ-9: Dissecting Turkey’s Missile Defense Decision

Burak Bekdil, Turkey’s defense corespondent for Hurriyet Daily News and Jane’s Defence Weekly, reports that Turkey is “is strongly leaning toward adopting a Chinese long-range anti-missile and air defense system.” The HQ-9 missile system is reportedly based on and has … Continue reading

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