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Turkey’s Airplane-less Nuclear Weapons: A Classic Crisis Stability Problem? (Updated)

As Hans K. notes over at Strategic Security, the United States Air Force’s 2015 Budget shows “that integration of the B61-12 on NATO F-16 and Tornado aircraft will start in 2015 for completion in 2017 and 2018.” The upgrade includes: software … Continue reading

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Turkey and the Dual-Key Arrangement: Ankara’s Interest in Using Nuclear Weapons

Turkey has hosted American nuclear weapons since February 1959. Negotiations with Turkey for the deployment of a Jupiter missile squadron began on 10 September 1959. As of 16 September, the Turkish government accepted the U.S. draft proposal for the Jupiters without … Continue reading

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Playing it Safe: the German Election and Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Andrea Berger – a research fellow for nuclear analysis at the Royal United Services Institute in London – kindly agreed to contribute to Turkey Wonk. You can follow her on Twitter at @AndreaRBerger. The views presented here are her own. [Editors … Continue reading

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