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Guest Post: The EU Arms Embargo and the Syrian Conflict

As the debate about whether to arm the rebels continues, scant attention has been paid to whether or not such a policy is legal under international law. I have asked Jamie Walsh – a Ph.D candidate at University College Cork, where … Continue reading

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Turkey Did Have a Choice in Syria

Turkey’s approach to the crisis in Syria is rooted in its previous “pre-Syrian revolt” foreign policy ambitions in the Middle East. Turkey’s overarching goal is to engage in a multi-directional proactive foreign policy, in order to deepen relations with leaders … Continue reading

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Passive Defense: The Questions Turks Should be Asking about Patriot

Yesterday, I summarized an article I co-authored with Shashank Joshi – a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute- about the Patriot missile system and Turkey’s Syria policy. If you missed yesterday’s post, click here. In general, Shashank and … Continue reading

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Border Blast: The Fallout and Predicting Turkey’s Response

Today’s bombing at the Reyhanli border gate could not have come at a worse time for the AK Party. Their Syria policy is unpopular, which had in turn forced Erdogan to switch from a policy of loud interventionist twinged rhetoric, … Continue reading

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Turkey Responds to the Israeli Strike: The Realist Wing Drives the Debate (For Now)

Yesterday, I wrote that the Turkish leadership would likely have some trouble formulating its response to the reported Israeli air strike in Syria. [From yesterday’s piece] Behind the scenes, the Turkish leadership is likely to be of two opinions about the … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Reaction to the Israel Strike: Musings and Predictions

Semih Idiz – a Turkish columnist for Hurriyet Daily News and Taraf – wrote for Al-Monitor that Turkey is running out of diplomatic options in Syria. According to Idiz’s excellent article: As the Syrian crisis rolls on with no apparent … Continue reading

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Ankara Responds to the Chaos in Syria

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) – a London based think tank – published a piece I wrote about how the Syrian Civil War has exposed Turkey to the growing threat of Kurdish and Islamist empowerment. I have posted the article … Continue reading

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