Podcast: The Crisis in Iraq

What is happening in Iraq? What are the implications for the region? 

Michael Stephens and I discuss the current state of affairs in Iraq, ISIS’ take over of Mosul, Ayatollah Sistani’s Fatwah, Kurdistan, and the possibility of a sectarian civil war. 

About aaronstein1

I am an Istanbul based PhD Candidate a King's College London.
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1 Response to Podcast: The Crisis in Iraq

  1. Sharon McEachen says:

    This is good, thank you. A couple of things: I’ve seen no mention anywhere of the Turkmen, have they left Mosul? I have a Baghdadi friend (ex- USA interpreter involved in training army/police). When I was first in Kurdistan (I’ve only been twice so scant knowledge) he told of the Iraqi ghost soldiers and the well known scheme of being able to join the army and show up only for payday, giving a quarter of their pay to the CO, keeping three quarters and working elsewhere. I am wondering if the army head count is actually a lot less than appears on paper.
    I agree about feeling safe with the Peshmerga running the show, especially on the run to Suli via the Kirkuk checkpoints.
    Sharon McEachen

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