The Turkish Convoy: The Vehicles

The youtube video above allows for the identification of some of the vehicles used in the Turkish military convoy that entered Syria.

The first is the Kirpi:


The Kirpi is a mine resistant, ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle capable of carrying 13 soldiers. In the video above, I count four Kirpis. This suggests that there were at least 52 soldiers involved in the operation. The video, however, does not show the entire convoy.

The video also shows one M984 HEMTT. The vehicle has a crane and is designed to lift large objects and tow heavy vehicles (like a Kirpi).


The back end:


The final two vehicles in the convoy are very difficult to identify. The video cuts off too early to draw any definitive conclusions. However, my best guess is that the two vehicles are the Otokar Cobra. I think they are the closed turret model, but I am not sure.



The video does not show the entire convoy, but the video evidence to date suggests that there were no tanks involved in the operation. The convoy appears to have been flanked with Kirpis and Cobras.


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I am an Istanbul based PhD Candidate a King's College London.
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